Our Story

The Knee Joint was founded in 2007, transitioned to TKJ Sports for 6 years, and then taken back to its roots 10 years later, in October of 2017. The goal of reducing knee pain and preventing invasive and costly procedures in Marin County has been on the minds of Rich and Danielle for years. This is why they have designed The Knee Joint Experience.  The team shares the passion that comes with the ability to live an active lifestyle without knee pain. 

Who We Are

At The Knee Joint we train each knee specialist to recognize various types of movement pattern dysfunction and muscle imbalances associated with knee pain. As professionals we guide clients through medical decisions, exercise, movement retraining, weight loss, bracing, and much more. Together you and your team of experts will decide on the most appropriate tailored plan of care for you.

Meet The Team

Rich Waldron Founder Partner Program Design

Rich Waldron, PT, BS

Program Design

Danielle Sartori, PT, DPT, CSCS, Partner/Program Design, Assessment Specialist

Danielle Sartori, PT, DPT, CSCS

Partner/Program Design
Assessment Specialist

Rebekah Lurtz, PTA, CPT, CFl1, Knee Care Expert, Wellness Instructor

Rebekah Lurtz, PTA, CPT, CFl1

Knee Care Expert
Wellness Instructor

Tracy Viana Client Services Manager

Tracy Viana

Client Services Manager