Knee on Mt. Tam

The Knee Joint Experience

What We Do

We approach knee problems using years of experience, specialized training, and research to deliver evidence-based programs that work. We believe that most knee problems can be fixed using conservative measures, and we have a network of healthcare professionals that can help us deliver care beyond our specialization, including bracing and weight management. Our goal is to support you in your journey to attain healthy knees and avoid costly and invasive procedures like injections and surgeries.

How We Do It

Our team of knee experts believes in a modern approach to physical therapy using the three E's: Evaluation, Education and Exercise.  We have created several programs to meet the needs of many lifestyles. These programs are designed to get you back to your daily activities and active lifestyle. Whether you choose the virtual program and exercise at home, or prefer the communal feel of our in-clinic programs, which include movement-based individual sessions, small group exercise classes and personalized performance training, chances are we have a program for you.  We want you to be part of our community for life, not just a basic cycle of rehabilitation.

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  • Jeslyn R, 61They listened to my goals
    They were always on time and very attentive. They listened to my goals and guiding me with practical steps to help me achieve these goals. Very pleased!
  • Riley M, 76Looking forward to my next session!

    What a wonderful place, I had the best appointment today. The thorough exam and the exercises given helped me tremendously. I walked in limping and in pain, and honestly, left walking and feeling better! They are knowledgeable, caring, practical, and full of incredible information in a beautiful environment that is also fun!

  • Kate J, 45got me and my knee back on track in six short visits

    The Knee Joint got me and my knee back on track in six short visits.  The at home exercises were easy to do and I am back to skiing all the trails that I love to ski.  Much gratitude to the team at this truly exceptional physical therapy joint!

  • Kara B, 36I received my whole rehabilitation plan virtually

    I tore my ACL in March of 2017. I was a Kaiser patient at the time, but reached out to The Knee Joint for additional help. They were amazing! I received my whole rehabilitation plan virtually, as well as spoke with them regularly to help my progress. My knee has never felt better!

  • Olivia M, 16Definitely the right choice

    TKJ is great! I had dislocated my kneecaps many times, so I finally had my left MPFL reconstructed with surgery. The rehab has been great. They are wonderful at pushing me to do my best, so I can heal and get stronger. Definitely the right choice.

  • Lane S, 18Overall, this is the place to be

    I tore my ACL in a soccer game two months ago and I am still yet to get surgery. The Knee Joint is helping me with my prehab allowing me to live how I usually would with just one ACL! I feel like I am getting stronger every time I go there and they never fail to entertain me throughout my workouts. Overall, this is the place to be and I wouldn’t do physical therapy any other way!!!

  • Alyssa D, 21Feeling my healthiest and most pain free

    After bilateral hip and bilateral compartment syndrome releases surgeries I finished out playing my four years as a Division I soccer player. We won the Big East Regular season title my senior year.  I’m still very active lifting, running, and playing soccer about five times a week. Probably feeling my healthiest and most pain free now in over four years! Still doing my mini band exercises! Thank you TKJ!

  • Boo B, 68Life changing for me!

    Life changing for me!!! Both of my knees were so bad after moving that an orthopedic doctor told me I need to have them replaced! I chose to go to physical therapy and could hardly stand on one leg in the beginning. After going for one year, my knees don’t hurt at all, I am walking and playing golf without any hindrance, and feel great! I can only thank The Knee Joint with all my heart for working with me diligently and helping me get through the hard times. I highly recommend The Knee Joint!!!!!!

  • Alan L, 72Improved my overall health.

    I had both knees replaced and the team at TKJ brought me to normal (almost) with encouragement, professionalism, and respect for my abilities. I'm in my 70's and unfortunately led a fairly sedentary life, but my interaction with the team, participation in the classes, and a daily use of the their gym has improved my overall health. They are great!