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The goal of reducing knee pain and preventing invasive and costly procedures in Marin County has been on our minds for years. This is why we designed The Knee Joint Experience. Our team shares the passion that comes with the ability to live an active lifestyle without knee pain. As professionals we guide clients through medical decisions, exercise, movement retraining and much more. We are ready to serve you, your family, and friends in California.


You run an amazing business. You CARE about healing your patients, and it shows! Thanks for fixing my knee. I appreciate it!

Alyce E.


After bilateral hip and bilateral compartment syndrome releases surgeries I finished out playing my four years as a Division I soccer player. We won the Big East Regular season title my senior year.  I’m still very active lifting, running, and playing soccer about five times a week. Probably feeling my healthiest and most pain free now in over four years! Still doing my mini band exercises! Thank you TKJ!

Alyssa D.

Paul_M_TestimonialThis is the top physical therapy ‘joint’ I’ve ever experienced. I recovered nicely from two operations (meniscus, total knee replacement) with their care. Like many, I’ve had my share of PT over the years. What sets The Knee Joint above is consistent senior professionals, not a ‘leveraged’ mode of one qualified person and many apprentices. Their communications tools (App, emails, personalized diagrams and instructions) work very well. The facility is convenient. All of the gear top notch. I came to appreciate the way their exercises and treatments evolved with my recovery, customized to build range of motion, strength, and motivation to get back in shape and stay ahead.

Paul M.

June_S_TestimonialYes wonderful knowledgeable staff.

June S.


If you have knee problems and want exercises to get better, Danielle is your therapist. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wonderfully motivating coaching attitude. Instead of stick figure drawings of how to do your exercises, Danielle uses an app that really helped me remember the details of how to do the exercises right. If you don't want to work at getting better and just want a magic pill, this is not your place. But if you want a PT that can progress you through exercises to get you back on your feet, there is no better therapist than Danielle.

Jeff S.

I had both knees replaced and the team at TKJ brought me to normal (almost) with encouragement, professionalism, and respect for my abilities. I'm in my 70's and unfortunately led a fairly sedentary life, but my interaction with the team, participation in the classes, and a daily use of the their gym has improved my overall health. They are great!

Alan L.

Gina_S_TestimonialSeriously, I walked in limping on my first day, and left feeling wonderful, and keep improving after each visit!!! The exercises and attention from the therapists have helped me tremendously, which has enabled me to become more active than I have in a few years. I am truly grateful for their professionalism and attention to my individual need!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

Gina S.

I tore my ACL in March of 2017. I was a Kaiser patient at the time, but reached out to The Knee Joint for additional help. They were amazing! I received my whole rehabilitation plan virtually, as well as spoke with them regularly to help my progress. My knee has never felt better!

Kara B.


Today, I ran seven miles on trails and for that I have TKJ and specifically Danielle to thank. I have been swimming for four months and biking for two months, but running a respectable distance was the last part of my recovery I had not achieved until today. Seven months ago to the day, I hobbled into TKJ on crutches having just had surgery three days earlier for a Trimalleolar fracture with dislocation. Basically, I broke my Tibia, Medial Malleus, Lateral Malleus, had multiple breaks of the Fibula including a spiral fracture going up the bone and I tore the ligaments. Basically, that is as bad as it gets. On my first visit, Danielle took the boot and wrapping off my leg and began the long journey of helping me recover. I will never forget that first visit. After an hour with Danielle in which she expertly massaged my foot (note: physical therapy massage is very different - it's goal is to get scar tissue and soft tissue damage out and to rebuild soft tissue capacity and it can hurt) and iced it and here is what is amazing: after one hour, the circumference of my ankle decreased by 2.3 cm. That is a huge reduction in one hour. Over the next few months, the physical therapy transitioned as I began to be able to move my foot and then start reconditioning and strengthening it. Danielle was an awesome coach and physical therapist along the way. She is so good at what she does and she knew when I could change or increase what I was doing to accelerate my recovery safely and smartly. At times she would push me, at times she would hold me back because she knew how to guide my recovery. Danielle (and all the TKJ staff) is also nice and fun to be around. I always enjoyed going in and hearing how she was doing. She also is an athlete and though I am not as athletic as I used to be, I still really liked it that I felt like I was rehabbing with the goal of running again and not just basic use of my leg. After going through this horrific break and rehabilitation, my advice for anyone would be: 1. START EARLY - start physical therapy immediately after surgery if you can as it will help the swelling and recovery. 2. Stay with it - physical therapy is not easy and there were days I felt a lot of pain getting my leg to work again. Don't just do regular visits, but do the home exercise program as well. 3. Do physical therapy with the best. I will for the rest of my life be grateful for the help Danielle provided me in my recovery from such a bad fracture. You will be in good hands at TKJ in their outstanding care and I cannot recommend them highly enough after what they have done for me. I am free to run the hills of Marin and it is in large part due to Danielle and how well she helped me. Thank you.

Graham B.


After 4 years of knee pain, I decided to stop complaining or accepting limitations and actually do something about it. I have been very impressed with The Knee Joint - from the initial thorough assessment to the progression of challenging exercises over the past 3 months, Danielle and Rebecca at TKJ offer excellent physical therapy services. I hadn't met my insurance deductible when I began treatment but I'm so glad I didn't let this dissuade me from getting the help I needed. The phone app with videos of the specific exercises and personalized descriptions has really kept me on track. I've been consistent with my homework and appointments and it has truly paid off. I am able to hike downhill again with almost no knee pain and I'm no longer afraid to do squats and stairs. My success is a result of their clear instruction which led to my understanding of proper alignment and which muscles to strengthen and engage to keep me safe. I also love that you can use their leg press machine and other gym equipment on a drop in basis between appointments. If you are looking for a professional, super helpful, well organized physical therapy place, check-out TKJ.

Sabrina M.


The Knee Joint designed a program that is targeted to my needs. The exercises and stretches have enabled me to live well while awaiting knee surgery. Thank you!

Betsy N.

Stan_U_TestimonialTKJ provides incredible one on one PT service. I've worked with Danielle and Kate to rehab multiple body parts over the past 2 years and have been amazed at their caring approach and the results it produces. Unlike some other PT clinics I've tried, where the therapists often work with more than one client during a session, TKJ always focuses on providing outstanding one on one service. I highly recommend them!

Stan U.


The Knee Joint takes time to carefully understand my injury and rehab needs with medical and structural knowledge. They are very precise in the description of the exercises, good communicators. And being able to use the equipment while I was a patient was very important. They care about my improvement.


David C.


Really, really good!

Curtis P.


One of the best exams re functioning of knees I've ever had. Great exercise exercises to rebuild strength. I could see and feel which muscles were off I've chosen the knee joint for rehabilitation after my surgery, and I'm currently doing classes to strengthen knee before surgery. So happy I found you, thanks.

Samantha S.

Ryan_K_TestimonialI've been a heavy user of TKJ for several years and have nothing but good things to say about them. They are great all-around physical therapists and have a sound knowledge base and fantastic system to get you healthy again. I've seen them for rehab due to an ACL rupture, pre-hab, and surgery rehab. Danielle is particularly great. I like that I have a consistent knowledgeable therapist (unlike other shops) and I like the email delivered PT program for reference. Access to their facilities for work outside of appointments is a big bonus.

Ryan K.

Marlies_Z_TestimonialSo very knowledgeable with a variety of exercises and stretches to help your body heal itself. Danielle and Rebecca are very informative and helpful. You get a complete "do at home" exercise program with weekly check-ins and add ons. The program is easy to follow and changes depending on your progress and ability. I've only been there for 10 days and already see and feel improvement!

Marlies Z.

What a wonderful place, I had the best appointment today. The thorough exam and the exercises given helped me tremendously. I walked in limping and in pain, and honestly, left walking and feeling better! They are knowledgeable, caring, practical, and full of incredible information in a beautiful environment that is also fun!

Riley M.


I've used the Knee Joint for both in-person rehabilitation and continued with telehealth visits amidst COVID-19 from my garage gym. My health has really improved over the past months. I must admit that I really like the telehealth appointments. Easy to fit into my day, their staff is great at making use of all surrounding items in my garage gym (chairs, yoga mats, weights, etc.), and I find myself being WAY more committed to the program. They also have a really useful mobile physical therapy APP that gives you a program, daily check-ins, and examples of how to perform the task. They also recommended the best supportive shoe brand models, affordable home equipment, and over the counter/internet joint support products. Their team is equally good in person, too! You can't go wrong...If they can take care of my rickety legs they can take care of yours as well!

Matt G.

Clair_B_TestimonialI have seen Danielle at The Knee Joint for about a year, on and off, for a few different injuries. As a runner and ex-collegiate athlete, I was very skeptical of PT going into this experience. I had only even had physical therapists who aim to get you back to a minimum level of fitness, and not to the highest level. Danielle took the time to get to know my history as an athlete and runner, and to push me to get the most out of my sessions. While it wasn't always fun (those clam shells get me every time), I am now able to run longer and with consistently higher quality than ever (even as a college runner!). She has made me realize that it is all connected, and no part of our body exists in a vacuum. I will continue to recommend her to anyone looking to get the most out of physical therapy. Thank you Danielle and The Knee Joint!

Claire B.


I can't say enough great things about the Knee Joint! I came here with a likely torn MCL, not wanting to do surgery and they seriously changed my whole outlook on recovery. A few months later I'm able to actually run again and don't have pain, they are incredibly knowledgeable and do things in a way that challenges you in a good way and keeps you motivated to keep up with your recovery. I'm honestly a bit sad I don't have to go back anymore, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and received so much great information and guidance. Great for all knee problems, hip, ankle, any joints below the waist and for anyone from athletes to elderly patients, they really know how to customize your plan!

Dr. Kim P.


Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for pushing me when I wanted to quit. You are unique in your field because you genuinely care about your patients and you make a positive difference in the world.

Dave G.


I've been a patient since late last year as recommended by my surgeon Christopher Cox of Cal Pacific Orthopedics. Danielle and her staff at The Knee Joint got me in good shape in prep for my total knee replacement in late December. Just a few days after surgery, the TKJ was all over my physical therapy plan. Since then, I have had regular visits both in the clinic and now with the current situation, on a video call and it's all been good. I highly recommend Danielle and her staff.

Dave P.

Life changing for me!!! Both of my knees were so bad after moving that an orthopedic doctor told me I need to have them replaced! I chose to go to physical therapy and could hardly stand on one leg in the beginning. After going for one year, my knees don’t hurt at all, I am walking and playing golf without any hindrance, and feel great! I can only thank The Knee Joint with all my heart for working with me diligently and helping me get through the hard times. I highly recommend The Knee Joint!!!!!!

Boo B.


This place is phenomenal!! When I first came in, I was not being able to descend stairs. Now, I can do plyometrics jumping on boxes! I learned so much about ways to stretch and strengthen my supporting muscles around my knees. Danielle and her team are fantastic!! Thank you!!

Brooke W.

I had a knee replacement in March. Rich had me playing golf again in 5 weeks. Very knowledgeable and give you great advice and oversight without being taskmasters. I know of many people with knee replacements and none of them got back to their daily activities as fast as TKJ got me rolling. This operation is A1.

Greg B.

Lane_S_TestimonialI tore my ACL in a soccer game about two months ago and am still yet to get surgery. I plan on getting surgery eventually, but in the meantime The Knee Joint rehab system has allowed me to live how I usually would with just one ACL! I feel like I am getting stronger every time I go there and Kate and Danielle never fail to entertain me throughout my workouts. Overall, The Knee Joint is the Place to be and I wouldn't do physical therapy any other way!!!

Lane S.


The staff at The Knee Joint is clearly experienced n the area. They can assess your situation quickly and hence prescribe the right exercises for where you are currently at.

Susan S.


Danielle and Rebekah are geniuses with knee rehabilitation. Their pricing is fair, and their expertise and knowledge far outweigh anyone I've worked with previously to help me rehab my partial knee replacement. They are far superior to your typical PT, as they are more like personal trainers/physical therapists. They are supportive, kind and motivating. Highly recommend!

Gina W.

They were always on time and very attentive. They listened to my goals and guiding me with practical steps to help me achieve these goals. Very pleased!

Jeslyn R.


They treated me with expertise, care, and thoroughness – all I could ask for!

Perry B.

Kate_J_TestimonialThe Knee Joint got me and my knee back on track in six short visits.  The at home exercises were easy to do and I am back to skiing all the trails that I love to ski.  Much gratitude to the team at this truly exceptional physical therapy joint!

Kate J.


A ruptured Achilles is a really big deal. And it's a very long road back but with the help of TKJ and a caring and terrific staff, I know that I'll be fine. I'm halfway there and really appreciate their professionalism and expertise and understanding. Five Stars.

William P.

Jennifer_z_TestimonialDanielle is a fantastic Physical Therapist. She is dedicated, professional, thorough, and helped me alleviate my knee pain.

Jennifer Z.

Rich Waldron and TKJ PT are a great choice for anyone needing PT in Marin. I had bilateral ACL surgery, and after seeing three PTs, I found Rich and TKJ. Rich is knowledgeable, focused, professional, gentle, and practical. His office is well-run and easy to work with. The location is great, and totally accessible. Rich and his colleagues all have deep PT skills, and can assess and customize the needs for a range of patients, from youth or older adults. He is also not trying to keep me in PT indefinitely, He wants me out and taking care of myself as quickly as possible. Look no further than TKJ Sports for any PT needs.



Great place!

Sig W.


The Knee Joint is the very best Physical Therapy clinic I have been to in my 30+ years of various injuries. I could hardly walk one block when I came in and after all their fabulous work I am now able to hike back up the mountain just as I used to. The entire staff here is terrific! I highly recommend The Knee Joint!

Laurie G.

Steve_V_TestimonialI could not be more happy that I chose The Knee Joint to rehab my torn ACL. At 39 years old, tearing my ACL was tough on me, and getting back in shape has been even harder. The Knee Joint has helped me learn how to get strong again, while staying motivated. I would highly recommend the Knee Joint. Their lighthearted attitude has made my rehab a bit easier!

Steve V.